2009 Awards 

May 27, 2009 James Monroe High School
Senior Awards Ceremony
Isaac "Irish" Powell Memorial Scholarship Presentation
Fredericksburg, Va

We Love & Miss This Smiling Face... Isaac IWP

Good Evening James Monroe Seniors, families, and guests ~

My name is Debra Kerr and I am Isaac Powell’s mother, joining me is Isaac’s Grammie, Danalu Kerr.  I am pleased to be here this evening to present these scholarships as a gift of loving remembrance of my Son. Isaac’s sister Rachael is here in the audience as well. To Isaac’s grandfather in Arizona, and my mother, I am so grateful and to my friends who have helped me make this dream to ‘Pass on the Good’  a reality at the James Monroe for a third year. 



               Grammie Kerr, Rachael and Debbie Kerr "Mom"

    I would like to say a special thank you to Isaac’s Coaches, Coach Serbay, and Coach Synder, who were men Isaac truly looked up to.  Being involved with sports meant the world to him; he had a lot of team spirit.  I am proud of my son. Isaac was loyal and generous to his friends; He was a Monroe Scholar, intelligent, and self disciplined to study.  That is what Isaac’s family and friends remember him for and those are similar qualities we have looked for in the applicants.

Caitlin Duffy, One of the Award Winners

The applicants each wrote an essay about their goals for their future, their views on life and giving and some also shared their life experiences.  Many of them have faced great challenges in their lives and yet these student’s hearts are generous and caring with positive and thankful attitudes toward life and the people around them. I must say that all had excellent reference letters.  Each student is unique in the gifts that they have to offer the world.  It was a challenge for the award committee as I am sure it is for every organization.  Each student will receive a check they can use for the school of their choice toward tuition, room and board, or books. 

     This year, the award committee recommended the following students to receive a $400 scholarship from the Isaac “Irish” Powell Memorial Scholarship Fund.   Would the following Seniors please come forward to receive your award as I call your name?

Randy Ryan,
we are pleased to present you with this scholarship.  Please accept and use it in memory of Isaac to further your education.  This outstanding young man is involved in many activities from sports to helping with community organizations.  I am sure he will accomplish great things and I hope he continues to work with the youth as he works towards becoming  a Math teacher … and as he said, return to his home town to “Pay Forward” the life lessons and encouragement that he learned and received here. He has been accepted to North Carolina Wesleyan where he will also be playing sports.  Good Luck and Congratulations Randy!

     Randy and Debbie                                Debbie With TyShawnda



TyShawnda Silver, it is an honor to give to you this scholarship.  This young woman has been very active in many school and community organizations.  She is truly a light to those around her as she reaches out to others.  I am sure TyShawnda will ‘Pass on the Good’ in all things that she will do to help other young people be a success in today’s society.  She is a great example… Her positive, can do attitude, is inspiring.  Please accept it and use it in remembrance of Isaac to further your education. Congratulations TyShawnda, for being accepted to Mary Washington College!


Caitlin Duffy
, it is our pleasure to present to you this scholarship.  This bright young woman has found her purpose in life and I believe she will be a light in the darkness as she aspires to work and help people who are struggling; whether she becomes a teacher or a social worker she will connect and guide people along the way.  She is intelligent and has great value, with so much to offer and that I am sure that she too will make a great difference in this world as she follows her dreams.   Caitlin has been accepted to University of Virginia.  Caitlin, please accept this scholarship with dignity to further your education.  Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success!


Isaac would tell his friends to ‘Go for it! 

I would like to close with the words of a song I heard over the weekend,


As You Travel Far From Kinship,

As You wander Far From Home…

May He favor you with His Love and mercy…

May His Angels Watch and Keep You.

May the Gentle Hand of God Touch You.

May He Bring You Hope,

Hope That You are Never Alone.

May His Love Embrace You for Evermore…

And May He Always Bring You Safely Home…     



(Words from Song by Michelle Tumes)

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