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Below the pictures are some things Isaac's friends remember him for, do you?   ; )

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Wherever you go in life, Isaac goes with you. So go far, very far

Mary-Martha Powell Desselle

Pictures and memories on this page are mainly of Isaac & his friends. Thank you to all of have shared your memories, thoughts and pictures

Love is the light that shines in the darkness, keep the candle burning... ALL of you are a light. 
Hugs & Love to all, Debbie

Isaac's marker beautiful and finally is in place at Sunset Memorial Gardens off Jeff Davis Hwy. Go in main entrance, left side, big main circle, about half way up, about 1/4 in from the left rd. Next to his grandfather L. W. Powell. Orange flowers... Irish symbols, Friend and #52 was included on it for you all... Hugs and love, Isaac's family
JM footbal team
JM footbal team
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Isaac w friends
Isaac w friends
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A special thanks to James Monroe
HS yearbook staff for the mall ball photos.  Many of these pictures came from Isaac's camera and from collections from friends like Andrew Harrison.  Great memories... thanks to all, each message from you all is a gift. 

Mall Ball 058
Mall Ball 058
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Mall Ball 2
Mall Ball 2
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Mall Ball 04
Mall Ball 04
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Mall Ball 006
Mall Ball 006
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Things remembered by friends and shared:

If you have a memory to share, feel free to email me at or join the forum and write your own thoughts.


   I never saw Isaac without a smile...

To me Isaac’s smile is the perfect embodiment of who he was, bright and friendly, uplifting and welcoming…I have so many things that I take from my friendship with him…his smile is my favorite thing that comes to mind because it helps to remember the happiness instead of the pain.  His smile is a symbol of the good times and all of the joy he brought to his friends….

   Isaac was a great friend

   Best little pear stealer I know, (He took the rap and did community service..He didn't destroy it
he only caught it! The fool drunks in the crowd tore it up...)

Isaac taught me how important friends are.  I everyone loved Isaac and he was a loyal friend. 
He taught me how precious life is and how to appreciate all of my friends.  He will never be forgotten.  I love and miss him.

  Mall 'Maul Ball' Monster!


Isaac always knew how to make everyone he knew laugh.  He had the best smile and best personality I’ve ever known.  I miss him so much & not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.


From my friendship with Isaac I learned that he was an amazing friend and that what was ever wrong he knew and he always was there.  I have had many good times with Isaac and I still talk to him as if he is here.  I love him always.


Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Isaac.  He was a great friend and even more than that.
 he was a great listener.  He loved to be around.  I miss him everyday. 
I don’t make myself sad by missing him.  I remind myself about how amazing he was
and become happy knowing he was alive.  I would rather of known and lost him
then to have never known him at all because Isaac was one of the best people. 
His influence and impact was far to amazing to forget him.

     Isaac being over at my house and having dinner...going to the movies

   Going to CiCi's in the snow well, anytime!

I remember when I was at a friends house and I went outside with Kat and hung out with Isaac
for 3 hours til 5 in the morning  just talking.  When I got cold, he offered me the shirt off his back.

   Sitting and talking for hours, video games

I remember when Isaac, Justin, Rudy, Corlee and I wanted to go see a movie and on the way back we had to jump out of Mr. P’s truck because a cop was following us… I also remember all the times hanging out at Rudy’s house.

   Our times together just the two of us taking trips, vacations & sharing our thoughts

……When Isaac left us (and other things the person had gone through recently) I felt like the world had ended.  I didn’t think I could live anymore.  Through the pain of this loss I learned that there is always love, support and hope for tomorrow, no matter how bad it is.  Isaac taught me that people are more important than anything else in my life.  He also opened my eyes to the beauty and shortness of life….I have stopped stressing over little things that don’t matter and put more time into my relationships with family and friends.  His obvious loyalty, willingness to give, and love for his friends has inspired me to embrace life and give more…

For walking us to our car after the Christmas parade and it was dark, Isaac was the only guy who offered right away.  It was freezing cold and he walked back with us and had us laughing the whole way back so that we weren't afraid.

   He used to love dinosaurs...

I remember the Christmas party he had a Funland for all of his friends in 7th grade.  He saved up $250 from mowing lawns all summer to treat his friends...he thought it would last 4 hrs LOL!!!

   The IRISH...being with him when he caught his first shad during the spring shad run on the river

   From catching turtles to playing with and against each other...we had some great adventures!

Isaac, he was always a good buddy and true friend.  So many fun times with that crazy man it is hard to pick one.  I remember the night when I used to go over to his mom’s apartment and try not to drive his mom crazy from being so hyper.  Then his mom would make us go outside and we would crush the kids in the neighborhood at the basketball court.  Then the crazy days at his dad’s house with the snake in his room and playing paint ball and riding the ATV in the huge yard.  The first time I got on it I drove it into the bushes and things until Isaac showed me how to drive it!

Him eating 4 double cheeseburgers!
   Playing soccer with you and how you welcomed me to JM

   When I was locked out of my house I called Isaac and he walked down and stayed with
me til my dad got home

   Isaac putting me on my butt a few times during football practice!

   Isaac would not back down from anything or anybody...RIP Fighting Irish

   Isaac making lacrosse and footbaall extremely fun and exciting no matter what the situation

One of my memories of Isaac happened when we were 10 after playing Hotspurs travel soccer…Once the season was over and we had eaten a ridiculous amount of food went when to play an exciting game of ‘capture the flag’.  Isaac who was on my team convinced me we had to build a fort to protect our flag…it was so terribly built that it fell in on me! But not to worry, Isaac was there to lift the pieces off me and help me up and he decided to just tackle anyone who came near the flag; needless to say Isaac and I won that game.  The memories that we all share are too numerous to recall them all but have clear similarities…Isaac was a great friend, a great person, a great guy to be around and that is what he will be remembered for.
Cutting down trees with Wally Powell and playing football....

When my dad hurt his back and couldn't work  Isaac gave us money to help for rent that month. I'll never forget him, he would do anything for his friends.

   His funny jokes and how he could make everyone around him feel so comfortable.

   Waiting for him to get to school each day lunch, mall ball, chick filet and hugs...He was the best

Isaac and I played soccer together in middle school.  At every practice we played “World Cup.”  Isaac & I always teamed up together and always picked Ireland.  I’m wearing my Ireland soccer jersey right now.  I was the only girl on the team but Isaac never seemed to notice…he always picked me as his partner and vice versa.  One of the friendliest guys I had ever me – always gave me a hug after practice and continued to be friends through high school.  His memory will live on forever.  I will love you always, in my heart and prayers.
  Him taking the time to be there for a surprise b'day party, he was so funny!

Does this Irish saying ring familiar?  

Some may say the glass is half empty,
        Some may say the glass is half full,  But the 'Irish' will forevever say 
         "Are you gonna drink that?" and Isaac 'Are you going to 'eat that?'

   Isaac was a flag brigade captain in 7th grade

   I meet Isaac at skateland (elementary school) and he was wearing batman skates...I always remember you Isaac!

   Isaac always being there no matter what...

Legos, Robots, forts, comic books, video games, sword fights, paintball, football, hiking, snow ball fights and creations... your sense of adventure and laughter was contagious

   When Isaac became my brother

   Isaac teaching me how to improve my aim at paintball

   Isaac being on the computer and willing to give advice about it sometimes micheviously

   A little red headed boy with freckles playing video games and teasing me.  You will always be in my heart and prayers...

   I miss his bright eyes, huge smile and the best hugs ever!

   Spring Break 2005!

   That Isaac believed the IRISH were the best people on earth!

   Whether a place to stay or a favor, we had each others backs...miss you brother

   All of the 4th of July parties together, fun times at Rudy's and me giving you rides after football games...sharing fries and chicken...

   Isaac always bring a turtle into school w/a huge smile on his face, especially when the girls ran away

   the last time i saw Isaac he came down into the Harrison's basement with a tv dinner and two bags of chips...boy he loved to eat!  I miss him so much...

   He let me play football one day, i was really surprised that he let a girl play with him he is not like other guys

   When Isaac would eat Mary out of house and home 4 sandwiches at a time...i love you Isaac

   I'll remember every single moment with Isaac..mostly his big smile & huge heart!

   Trips to MCDonalds, playing vollyball, steph's bonfires and for all the times you lent a helping hand
Isaac punching me in the arm in BIO II class ; )

   Watching him hustle and play football with a lot of heart!

   Riding the 4 wheeler in the backyard and jumping on the trampoline!

   Getting my first kiss on New Years eve 2007

   Thank you for saving me in the river the last day of summer and letting me come to your house.

   Orange juice..everytime you came over you drank all of my orange juice ; )

 Irish Blessing   



May luck be our companion,
May friends stand by our side,
May history remind us all
Of Ireland's faith and pride.  


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