Healing God Wink

Mountain Lake
Song by: Mercy Me "I Can Only Imagine:


I went down to the lake and sat on the dock with Blaze my dog, listening to music on the headphones, staring out at the water and feeling such peace … wishing I could reach out to Isaac from my spirit, not knowing what words to write for the Scholarship presentation speech.  I sat there for the longest time staring at the water and sky…absorbing it with the music into my soul. 


The thought crossed my mind when I first sat down about how Native American Indians saw spirits and got messages from their God/spirits in the clouds. I laughed at myself when I wished God would send me a message in the sky…


I had been there an hour and was tired but I did not want to leave... Blaze barked at something and I looked around and saw nothing unusual, so I just lay down on the dock and looked up into the clouds… Right above my head, almost behind me, where I would not have even seen it if I had not fully relaxed… was carved perfectly into the fluffy clouds I P, Isaac’s initials…right in the middle of a fluffy bank of clouds!  To the left, made up of clouds were the numbers 52… his football jersey numbers!  He is with me always in my heart and that day God heard my mother’s heart and gave me my message in the clouds….

This is the poem I  wrote...remembering a moment when I knew what it was to be broken, wounded and then coming to place where I had to find a new now... If you have ever wondered if you could carry on, give yourself will find the strength, you will know times of joy and wonder.

Sincerely, Debbie Kerr

Broken pieces, fractured shell

Wounded heart, empty well

Blindly moving through each day

Smiling at people, yet cannot say


How do I live?

How do I give?

Where am I heading?

Old life I’m shedding…


Even though threads remain

I shall never be the same

Hope is not all gone

Somehow I carry on


Coming from the dark

Into the fullness of light

God’s love heals my soul

By his grace I will be whole


My life reviewed

My heart renewed

With purpose and grace

I’m a diamond swinging in space


How will I live?

How will I give?

Where am I heading?

Old life I’m shedding…


My precious Son, I wish I could see your face…






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