I have a Son

This is a modified version of the poem on the second anniversary
of Isaac’s “transformation day”.


I have a son, his name is Isaac

He lives forever in my heart

I miss his eyes, his smile,

I miss his laughter and his bear hugs

For this child I prayed

What a blessing it was to gaze

Upon the gift of our little redhead

It was a miracle that he was even born

Isaac’s name means laughter and promised one

A playful, loving boy, my only son

With dimpled grin

Oh how he made me laugh

He ran around the yard with the breeze

Fishing in the pond, making forts in the trees

Rescuing animals

Cowboy boots and sword fighting

His laugh was contagious

Mischievous he and his sisters are

An entrepreneur, he started in first grade

And an artist

Drew his own comic books

He grew from creating robots and space ships

Became a young Marine

Played soccer, paintball and lacrosse

Self-taught, whizzed around Computers

Compassionate, thoughtful of others

A wild, funny sense of adventure

Football player all year long

He was also a Monroe Scholar

Smart, fun, loyal and true ~

For his friends there wasn’t anything he would not do

His smiling face such a light he was so full of potential

So I have cried, I do not know all that he held inside,

The part of him he was trying to hide

From the start, he was a man at heart

Life is not always fair and He worked hard to be so strong

What happened?

What lies were so loud that you left us behind?

My precious son you will never be forgotten

As long as I live, you live in heart, soul and mind

Isaac, I will choose remember

“To Pass on the Good”

Your caring and willingness to give

Not judging others, wanting to live

To dream to hope for good things

Son, the life you lived has changed others

In your own way, you still are

You changed your mother…

I cannot undo the past

I miss you so

But I am finding peace

I know you would not want my world to cease

So I carry on, in my heart with faith I sing a song…

I have a son, his name is Isaac.

Christmas 2005




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