I miss you, l love you, you are here with us in our hearts...
music by Third Day "Mountain of God"

  To my children,
Mary, Christina, Rachael, Isaac
and now all those I have
adopted in my heart.
You are loved!

May green be the grass
you walk on,
May blue be the skies
above you,
May pure be the joys
that surround you,
May true be the
hearts that love you.

 Don’t give up on life
when it gets hard
and it hurts…

You may need to regroup
but you keep going.

Don’t allow yourself
to get stuck where you are…

You have a choice to keep
trying and growing.

Don’t give up on people…

You need choose who you
spend time with and who you
let influence you.

Don’t give up hope and
believe in love when your heart
is broken…

Allow yourself time to grieve,
forgive and heal
and keep living…

Love is real
and you will be able to give
and receive it again

If you don’t harden
your heart.

Don’t listen to others
who say you are a failure
and you can’t make it…

Prove them wrong… respect
and believe in yourself…

Don’t be afraid to try
something new
or go the extra mile

Don’t be afraid to give
your best and
Remember, share your smile

No one knows what the tomorrow
or the next hour may bring

An open window,
an opportunity,
possibilities are endless…

Be wise but be open,
something good is
coming your way

Believe in Yourself,
Hold on and Be Strong…

You have Value

You are a Possibility

You have Potential

You are Special

Remember YOU ARE LOVED!  

Love, Mom 2003

from Debbie to you...

You can be wise,
 & strong, with a big heart.
God will give you
the unconditional love you need
strength to change
& carry on.
Just ask, trust and believe.


Isaac, I brought your ashes home today

Although I know in heaven you will stay

For your soul has been set free

Son, in my heart you are always here with me

You know, we wondered what would be best

Cremation or laying your body to rest

Your family felt a funeral pyre would be the way

We know your spirit lives on today

We gave you a loving prince’s farewell

A Celebration of Life that all would tell

About a young man who touched our lives

Who was loved & whose memory will never die

I was calm when I held the box

That held what was left of your earthly remains

I looked for a container in which to set

But no urn seemed right to get

Instead when I got home

I remembered a wooden chest

You used to keep your treasures in

A perfect place for you to rest

Until the day we travel to Ireland

Where on the shore we will stand

We'll share you with the breeze from above

And leave part of you with the land you loved

I am sad that you have no stone

But son the earth is not your home

We will remember we won’t forget

With your website I have tried

To remember how you lived
Instead of how you died

I miss you son, what you were

What you could’ve been
And were meant to be

You left us all & it is hard for me

I do not understand why

At times how sad my heart does cry

So many things unsaid, misunderstood

But now you know truth,
Your heart is whole

All that you know is good

God has given you peace and
Joy within your soul

I wish I could hear your laugh &
See your face

Shining in its heavenly grace

Your body new and strong

I wish for a hug tight and long

But right now I have to wait

Until my destined date
For us to reunite at Heaven’s gate

So I will carry on my Son

Live, laugh, love and sing a song

I have peace because you know no pain

One day I will see you again

I love you Isaac
and I know now you love me too 
                                    Your Mom.


Cliffs of Ireland

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