Song of the Sparrow by: Debra Kerr (Powell) copyright 1997   Painting by Spencer Williams

Note:This story was a gift from the Lord. I first wrote this to comfort the family of Evan who also committed suicide. I had no idea that one day I would need these very words, that I would be like the sparrows but that knowledge is a comfort to my own heart and those of family and friends. It was not God’s perfect will or plan for Isaac to make the choice he made, but God knew Isaac, loved him more than we could possibly imagine and received him instantly into his arms. Isaac is forgiven.

Isaac’s name means laughter and promised one. He brought so much joy and laughter, love and friendship to many who knew him. I believe he would ask you to forgive him for leaving and making a permanent choice to a temporary situation.

'Peace be Still' by Fools Rush In


There once was a beautiful garden cared for by a special Gardener who lived nearby. He lovingly took care of the garden and all who dwelled there great and small. In it there was a baby sparrow that wanted to fly. He asked his parents to teach him and they gave him guidance from the nest as best as they could. He even asked the Gardener for help but he was told that there was a time for everything and that in waiting all things would turn to good. The little sparrow’s wings were not fully feathered so they all told him he had to be patient and to trust them. In his own mind he thought he knew what was best. The little sparrow loved his parents and considered their words, but he made a plan of his own that he would do when no one was home.

So it came to pass on one bright, crisp morning that the Gardener felt trouble in the air and headed directly to the sparrow’s tree. As the Gardener approached He saw the little sparrow, perched, ready to take off in flight. He knew that this was not best for His little one so the Gardener called to him and raised His hand for him not to leave the nest. The sparrow was so focused on his own plans that he thought the Gardener was encouraging him to come to Him. The little sparrow didn’t hesitate but leapt from his nest only thinking of the freedom he would feel in flight.
The Gardner cried, ‘Please stay!’ but the sparrow did not heed His call; so with sorrow He watched the little sparrow fall.

The Gardener knelt beside the little sparrow and gently gathered it’s lifeless body in His hands… tears rolled slowly down His cheeks as He gazed at His precious little one. Softly the Gardener blew on his face and the little sparrow stirred as his spirit left to fly to the heavens not seen by family and friends. The Gardner sat beneath the tree and waited for He knew the parents would return soon and their family would need His presence.

The mother returned first with her baby’s breakfast and quickly discovered one of her children gone. In disbelief, she cried the alarm that her mate heard on his approach to the nest. Looking down the father saw a sight that grieved him, his impulsive babe on the ground. The mother and father flew to their child’s side, in anguish chirping “Why, why?” They both looked to the Gardener, who usually protected their home with questions they felt went unanswered. At the same time they received comfort that He was with them and called them His own. They flew to their beloved Gardener’s lap to beseech Him and were amazed to see tears in His eyes. He stroked their little feathered bodies until their hearts calmed down and then He placed them gently back in the nest with the rest of their family.

Each day the Gardener came to the garden to tend it and all who dwelled there. He kept watchful eyes on the sparrows because He carried the grief of their loss as His own. He explained to them that even though their child was gone, they would see him again. Because He loved them, the Gardener was able to cause the little sparrow’s death not to be final but his body was transformated, his life changed into a journey to a better place. The parents wanted to believe, but struggled because they could not conceive how not having one of their babies with them was right or that allowing him to go away from them was a loving idea. Why didn’t their child hear their words? Why didn’t the Gardener catch him? What could they have done differently?

Why, Why, Why? It just was not fair! Sometimes they would fuss at the Gardener with anger and tears. He would listen patiently, then stretch out His hand and they would come humbly to Him feeling His great love for them and rest. Softly He would encourage them to forgive their child and themselves. Some things are beyond little sparrows, but that didn’t mean the Gardener loved them any less, instead He would sing over them to rest in His love.

As time passed the sparrow family was able to continue with life as usual; at times even allowing themselves to enjoy the sunshine and the fragrance of the flowers. However, it seemed the loss of the little sparrow hung like a shadow over them. The Gardener would laugh with joy at their other children to point out the good things they had. He would put out special seed for them to nourish and strengthen them. The Gardener knew there would also be days when their loss would seem to be too much for them so He made sure He was always near them. He even set up a hammock between two apple trees for the days He knew they needed extra attention.

On days such as these, the Gardener would say, “Come to me” and they would fly to His shoulder, their only comfort that the Gardener carried them. On the days when they couldn’t even move from their perch and questioned their own existence, the Gardener would carefully scoop them up in His hands and hold them close to His heart. Sometimes it would be hours before they even realized where they were. They would just slowly emerge from their feelings to feel the comfort of His embrace, the warmth of His presence and security in the knowledge that He held them.

Almost a year had passed and slowly but surely the little sparrows began to have deeper faith in the Gardener. Even though they would always miss their inquisitive, adventurous child they began to know that life must go on and accept even when the didn’t always understand, that the Gardener only wanted good for them. The Gardener loved them, little sparrows that they were! Unbeknownst to the sparrow family, the Gardener had a special gift to give them. Early one morning before the sun arose the sparrows were sitting quietly when a sweet, fragrant aroma drifted on the breeze to them. From a distance they heard a song that seemed to penetrate into their very hearts. Slowly they became aware of the Gardener’s presence near them so together they flew to Him.

The Gardener turned to the sparrows and asked, “Do you believe that I love you? Will you trust in me to take care of you?” The sparrows were silent for a moment searching His eyes. The truth welled in their hearts and they sang yes to Him. In return, the Gardener smiled and lifted His head to break out in a joyful song. They sang and danced together for hours until they exhausted themselves. Slowly they settled at the foot of the sparrow’s tree and a hush fell in the garden. The sparrows closed their eyes and in spite of the joy they had just felt a cloak of sadness fell upon them. Again, a sweet fragrance penetrated their beings and they opened their eyes to see a magnificent flower…bold, delicate, beautiful and sweet smelling.

The Gardener spoke then, “You are precious in my sight. Even in times of sorrow, be not afraid but trust in Me. I love you and give you this flower to remind you that those who believe in Me shall live and not die. It blooms today as the joy did in your heart. Trust in the truth of My love for you and even in your sorrow you shall have peace. Your joy shall be fulfilled. In time you shall see your child again, but for now you must live and continue to share My love with your other children and those in this garden. You are pleasing and acceptable in my sight. I will always be with you. When you need strength to carry on just look to Me and you will receive it.” No other words needed to be said then. The sparrows gazed at their beloved Gardener for a long moment until He pointed to their nest. To honor Him whom they loved, they flew home and sang a song late into the night.

No man is an island, no man stands alone unless, he chooses not to let love in. It is ok to let people love you and to trust in God's unconditional love. I hope as you read this that you will have hope in your heart. If you are struggling talk with someone, know that God is with you, that you are precious beyond measure, you are loved!

If you need someone to talk, have you lost someone too? If you want to talk, to share email me at, (refer to Isaac's website in the subject) and I will be there for you. If you knew Isaac, he will be encouraging you on as well.   Isaac and those who have gone before us will always be with us in our hearts…

Sincerely with Christ’s love and my own, Debbie Kerr

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