I would like to share something I am going to be doing here in Virginia and in Washington DC called the Out of the Darkness Walk~ it is a WALK FOR LIFE. If you are interested it is something positive to experience, because people do not always understand what we are going through, what our loved ones might have battled with and there is fear of the unknown...

I have found some people shying away from the topic of this walk. That is okay but that is why we are walking... Would I not bring awareness and walk if my son had cancer?  Bring awareness if he had died from a drunk driver? Raise money for an operation if he had some rare disease and needed surgery,  treatment, or a prosthetic? Help my family and friends if they needed shelter or food? What is different? We are all human and battling something, we all have needs, why not come together to find strength,comfort and encouragement? Learn all we can to lessen the heartache for someone else.

I am going to see if I can get people to walk with me in the different locations as a team, some have their own loved ones to remember as well as Isaac.  Please spread the word through your friends and whoever might participate if you feel led. I have talked to people who have done this and it has been a really good experience. I wish I could do an overnight walk, maybe sometime I will organize one ; ) 

Just click on the link for Information about the walks, to find one in your area or contribute.

The Out of the Darkness Community Walks are 3-5 mile walks taking place in over 200 communities across the country this fall, (on various dates, pick on that works for you ; ) with the proceeds benefitting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). By walking in the Out of the Darkness Community Walks, you will be walking with thousands of other walkers nationwide to raise money for AFSP's vital research and education programs to prevent suicide and save lives, increase national awareness about depression and suicide and provide support for survivors of suicide loss. In deciding to walk you are taking us a step closer to making suicide prevention a national priority, removing stigma, providing support and bringing healing to survivors.

This is about awareness and healing.
Please do it for yourself or start a team, just think about participating. I have listed the many for Virginia and the National Capital Area ...but the walks are all over the country! 

You are not alone, even though all of us have felt that way at times...You do not have to raise money if you do not feel led to or unable to, you can just do the walk if you want to in memory of someone you love. 

The Closing Ceremony completes the event with a celebration of community and a reinforcement of your accomplishments. Imagine standing in the crowd amongst so many who have together completed this tremendous journey. Each has their own reasons, thoughts and memories, yet collectively you've all made a loud, proud statement that suicide and depression can and will be brought out of the darkness. You'll be so gratified to feel that you've been an integral part of something so important, and you've done it not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones, for survivors of suicide loss and for all those affected by suicide and depression. You'll be joined by family, friends, the media and guests who recognize the enormity the event. The feeling will stay with you long after the walk has ended.

Typically the walks include some form of program; speakers, etc. 

 Click on the the link below to learn what the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is doing. What the goals are, the website is a tremendous resource I have gone to over the past couple of years.   As a survivor I had, still have so many questions.  Why????  How do I deal with what I am feeling? How can we help others who are in crisis? How can we make people aware of the epidemic this has become? What can I do, we do, that might make a difference? Tools and information are on the website. No it does not take all the pain away, but it is a step forward.

There is NO registration fee.  Each walker can solicit donations, or donate on how to donate is also on the web site. People can donate on the day of the walk, or in many cases up until December 31 of this year. 

Funds donated benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and are used on research as well as local and national education programs. They work with schools, colleges, speak with groups and anyone that they can help reach out to. Contact them for more information.

Below the blurb on Team Irish, please see the listing for some of the walks that I know of at this time in Virginia and Maryland. (there are others) . Please click on the link for full information to register, form a team and to donate.

 TEAM IRISH walked in memory of ISAAC POWELL
 and for all the service men who have lost their lives to suicide
at the Spotsylvanial Walk on 10/16/2010.
You may still donate through 12/31/2010, please do if you can.
click on the link below to go directly to my fundraising and team IRISH page.
There you may sponsor me or the team, make a donation to AFSP in memory of Isaac or someone.

 Thank You!


 It is a very healing experience at all the walks, and we'd be happy to have you at any or all of them in whatever capacity that you are willing.  Please walk to honor whomever you felt led to, someone you love, you can walk in more than one person's name, or just walk for the cause. 

Here are Some of the Locations and Contact People:

Please check the Links above for 2011 information
Out of the Darkness Walks are usually in the Fall

Campus Walks are in the Springtime.

I will post information as soon as it is available to me.
Please check the Links above for 2011 informationOut of the Darkness Walks are usually in the FallCampus Walks are in the Springtime.



Spotsylvania County, Virginia ~ 
Patriot Park Amphitheatre

 Please know that walk donations are accepted until December 31st, 2010.

 Montgomery County, Maryland ~  
Carderock Pavilion

Contact: Trish Traylor and Sharon Cardarelli (301-518-5748,
Phone: 301-972-2280 E-mail Address:
Trish Traylor.
Please consider the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as your charity of choice In Memory of Jim Edmonds

Fairfax, Northern Virginia ~ 
George Mason University

Contact: Maureen Iselin Phone: 703-919-4906 E-mail Address: 
Please know that walk donations are accepted until December 31st, 2010.





Washington DC. ~ 
This is an EVENING WALK 
Constitution Gardens (National Mall)

 Frederick City, MD ~ 
Baker Park

Kim Edmands Phone: 301-305-6378 E-mail Address:



  Directions, registration, donation information and specifics for all of the walks are on the website at



Pictures of the walk and information are from the Out of the Darkness website to promote the walks.  Please lift up the walkers, their families and friends. Join us if you can.



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